Developer - 5 Day

  • $3,875.00

This 5-day course offers real world experience extending Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM. Be prepared to code...

Capstone Exercise: Students will create a multi-stage plugin across multiple entities.

Course Length: 5 Days

Audience Profile: This course is intended for developers that are familiar with Microsoft .NET/C# programming or Java.

The majority of the course is learn by coding. The exercises don’t provide line by line solutions for typing. This is not a typing course!!! You need to be someone who codes to benefit from this class.

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Course Topics:

Server-Side Code - Foundation

  • .NET Assemblies / References
  • Create, Update, Delete, Retrieve
  • Queries
  • Response = Execute(Request)

Server-Side Code - Plugins

  • Event Pipeline
  • Plugins
  • Custom Workflow Activities
  • Actions

Virtual Entities

Web API / Client-Side Code

Extending Forms (JavaScript)

  • Client API Object Model
  • Web Resources
  • Xrm.WebApi
  • Ribbons


Single Page Applications

Extending with Azure

  • Flow
  • Logic Apps
  • Custom Connectors
  • Azure Functions


  • Embedded Canvas PowerApps
  • PowerApps Control Framework
  • Course is always update for the latest enhancements



Frank Grimberg - Developer / Architect / Instructor

  • 30+ Years of Software Development Experience
  • Started with Microsoft CRM (Dynamics 365) in 2003
  • A pioneer of the Low Code/ No Code Dynamics Platform
  • Subject Matter Expert for the first Dynamics Workflow Course
  • Co-Author of the first Dynamics Customization course for Business Analysts (2011)
  • Author of Dynamics Server-Side Code course (Plugins, Actions)
  • Authored first Developer training course in 1993
    Fun Facts:
      • Once owned until - a story for another time.
      • Wrote derivatives pricing models on Wall Street at the age of 24 (now can't do 5th grade math)
      • Had a full-time job programming before leaving high school
      • Started Prosoft in 1992.
      • First Dynamics (Microsoft CRM) certification in 2004. See partial transcript below: