Dynamics Design - 3 Day

  • $1,800.00

This 3-day class focuses on designing and building applications within Dynamics 365. Each day provides a new challenge for the student as requirements are presented and the student’s job is to design and build a Dynamics Application.

Capstone Exercise: Typically used as an add-on to the customization / configuration course; students will be creating a new application each day. Each progressive day instructor interaction becomes more limited resulting in students building applications exactly how they would in your organization.

Course Length: 3 Days

Audience Profile: This course is designed for experienced customizers of Dynamics 365. Students are typically Dynamics Administrators, Business Analysts, or Developers.

This course relies upon students being familiar with Dynamics 365. The Prosoft Customization / Configuration course or related experience is required.

Course Topics: 

Design Methodology
Determining design based upon requirements
Custom Entity vs. Built in Functionality
Workflow vs. Business Rule vs. Plugin
Task Allocation: Customizer vs. Developer