• Frank Grimberg

Power Apps Community Plan without Office 365

The Power Apps Community Plan is a great way to have an environment to build your skills. Most think an Office 365 login is required to signup for the Community Plan. This is not 100% accurate. You need an Azure Active Directory login. Office 365 login under the hood is a Azure Active Directory login. This post will show you how to bypass the Office 365 login and create a free Azure Active Directory account to use with the Power Apps Community Plan.

First – get a free Azure Account at Azure.com. Create using an account like yourname@outlook.com. Even if a credit card is request, the following will not create a charge on the subscription.

Next, go to Azure Active Directory and Create a New User.

Now you should have two users in the directory. The outlook.com and the Azure Active Directory Account.

Now I can use the username@fgrimbergoutlook.onmicrosoft.com credentials to gain access to the community plan.


We now have an environment without Office 365, not controlled by work.

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