Common Data Service (CDS) Developer Deep-Dive

Learn to develop CDS Server-Side code including Plugins, Actions, and more.  The course is based on real world experience extending CDS.  This 5-day course is learn by coding. The exercises don’t provide line by line solutions for typing. You need to be someone who codes to benefit from this class.

Capstone Exercise 

The capstone to the course combines a multi-stage plugin across multiple entities that is triggered from an Action.


Audience Profile

This course is intended for developers that are familiar with Microsoft .NET programming or Java.

Course Length

5 Days.

Course Topics

The course covers the following:

  • Server-Side Code Architecture

  • Developer Environment Setup

  • Server-Side Code Foundations

    • Create, Read, Update, Delete, Execute, Query

  • Plugins

  • Custom Workflow Activity

  • Actions

  • Web API

  • Model-Driven Forms JavaScript Intro

  • Power Apps Control Framework Intro

  • Azure Integration for CDS Developers Intro

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